Course Overview

If you search for "how to pitch investors" on Google or Amazon, you’ll find a ton of articles/books that focus primarily on the pitch deck, which is commonly understood as the slide deck entrepreneurs use to present ("pitch") to investors. The reality is, it’s not the place to start if you want to create an effective pitch to investors quickly and efficiently.

This mini-course consists of three video lessons and in them we will cover:

1. What is a Read Me Pitch?
2. Why is it more important than a slide deck?
3. How can you create a Read Me Pitch?

What Will You Learn?

This is a course on fundraising strategy and planning. If you want to create an effective pitch to investors quickly and efficiently, the slide deck (or pitch deck) is NOT the place to start. You will learn why the "read me pitch" is the best way to start and why it is more important than the slide deck.

How Will I Benefit from this Course?

By helping you with fundraising strategy, this course could save you months of time and frustration. If you need to raise capital for your business, then this course could save you a lot of money in terms of opportunity cost of time.

How Long is the Course?

This mini-course consists of 3 videos lessons which total ~20 minutes of instruction time. 

Your Instructor

Jason Tagler

Jason Tagler founded Pitch Creator in 2014 to create jobs in the Baltimore area by helping entrepreneurs learn how to communicate with investors and raise capital for their businesses. Since then, Pitch Creator has expanded to online courses used by entrepreneurs/CEOs, colleges/universities, accelerators, investors, and others.

Mr. Tagler has 14 years of experience investing in private companies as a growth-equity (late-stage venture capital) investor and has seen over 1,400 founder/CEO pitches. Prior to that, as an investment banker he helped CEOs prepare their pitch to investors for initial public offerings (IPO) or sale transactions (M&A).