College Foundation Course


Entrepreneurship Instructors:

The College Foundation Course is used to prepare student entrepreneurs for a business pitch to investors (like Shark Tank) either at the end of semester class or for a school-wide event.  

After your student entrepreneurs have developed a business plan (or a basic business model canvas), this course teaches students how to distill that down to the information investors are most interested in and communicate effectively to investors. 

Please note, this course does not go into detail on how to develop a business model/plan or business model canvas.

Student Entrepreneurs: 

You will learn how to create the 3 types of investor pitches you need to be successful:

1. “Elevator Pitch” (introduction/teaser)

2. “Read Me Pitch” (investment summary or executive summary)

3. “Listen to Me Pitch” (slide deck or pitch deck)

By the end of this course, you will have an effective version of each and be able to adapt them to the criteria/specifications of your investor pitch competition.

Entrepreneurship Professor

Dean of Education

 “I purchased the course and completed it. Very impressed with the content, flow, and ideas presented.”


Josh Smith, Dean, School of Education
Loyola University Maryland

Why Students Use This Course?

Without this course

Creating the three types of investor pitches above requires communicating 20-25 concepts about your business that investors care about (which are different than what your customers care about). You need to learn, organize and distill these concepts in a way that makes sense to investors. This can be difficult and time consuming.

With this course

We take you on a "learning journey" that we believe is the fastest way to create an effective pitch to investors.  You will learn concepts and work through them in the right order so you don't waste time. As you watch video lessons, you will use templates/examples and follow step-by-step instructions to accelerate your learning process.

First-Time CEO

“It allowed me to raise my first $25,000 and then continue to raise my angel round.”


Winston Frazer, CEO and Founder
Danae Prosthetics

What Will You Learn?

1.  How to communicate effectively with investors and improve the odds of raising capital.

2.  How to quickly and efficiently craft the investor pitches you need.

3.  Specific presentation skills for pitching investors.

4.  How to "speak the language" of your investor audience.

5.  Ways to practice and avoid costly mistakes.

Entrepreneurial Finance Professor

"I reviewed Pitch Creator’s online course and have incorporated it in the curriculum of all of my Entrepreneurial Finance classes" 


Jim Kyung-Soo Liew, Ph.D. Assistant Professor in Finance
Johns Hopkins Carey Business School

Course Curriculum

The course includes video lessons, e-books, templates, example slides/decks, and other resources. It consists of the following:

5 Chapters:

1.  Introduction:  13 minutes of video instruction.

2.  "Read Me Pitch" (Investment Summary):  41 minutes of video instruction, step by step instructions, and downloadable templates.

3.  Basic Presentation Skills:  8 minutes of video instruction.

4.  Listen to Me Pitch (Slide Deck):  28 minutes of video instruction, templates, examples, tips for practicing, and other resources.

5.  Elevator Pitch (Summary/Teaser):  10-page e-book.

Advanced Slide Deck:  15-page e-book, example slides, and slide decks.  

Appendix:  Pitch Creator resources and reading for further study.   

6 Month License

Like a semester course in school, when you purchase this online course, you will receive a 6-month license. Most people take 5-8 weeks to complete the course including getting feedback from their peers/instructor. However, the time you will take depends on where you are starting from and how much you want to improve.

With 6-month license you will have plenty of time to complete the course, create your versions of the three pitches using the course templates, and practice. You can also revisit specific topics before your investor pitch competition and download the templates and e-guides for future use.

Your Instructor

Jason Tagler

Jason Tagler founded Pitch Creator in 2014 to help create jobs in the Baltimore area by teaching entrepreneurs how to communicate with investors and raise capital for their businesses. Since then, Pitch Creator has expanded to online courses used by entrepreneurs/CEOs, colleges/universities, accelerators, investors, and others.

Mr. Tagler has 18 years of experience investing in private companies as a growth-equity (late-stage venture capital) investor and has seen over 1,800 founder/CEO pitches. Prior to that, as an investment banker, he helped CEOs prepare their pitch to investors for initial public offerings (IPO) or sale transactions (M&A).