Free Webinar Recording

The purpose of this webinar recording is to help accelerators and coaches leverage our Foundation Course in their educational programs, or when working 1-on-1 with entrepreneurs to prepare them to pitch investors and raise capital.

✦   What You Will Learn?

  • Why our online Foundation Course is an efficient way for CEOs to create an effective pitch to investors?
  • How using it will save you many hours and allow you to focus your time on advanced coaching topics?
  • How you can use our scoresheet feature to create a relative improvement score for your program?
  • How improvement scores help support grant applications and other fundraising?

✦  How Long is the Webinar Recording?

It consists of 6 videos (edited) which total ~44 minutes. 

✦  14 days of FREE access to the Course

You will have FREE access to the course for 14 days.  This allows others to access the course for free as well without increasing our costs. If you need to, you can sign up for the course a second time.

Your Instructor

Jason Tagler

Jason Tagler founded Pitch Creator in 2014 to create jobs in the Baltimore area by helping entrepreneurs learn how to communicate with investors and raise capital for their businesses. Since then, Pitch Creator has expanded to online courses used by entrepreneurs/CEOs, colleges/universities, accelerators, investors, and others.

Mr. Tagler has 15 years of experience investing in private companies as a growth-equity (late-stage venture capital) investor and has seen over 1,400 founder/CEO pitches. Prior to that, as an investment banker he helped CEOs prepare their pitch to investors for initial public offerings (IPO) or sale transactions (M&A).